Greg Shap’s Journal entry #1

The hard reality of space

Space is not a nice place. It’s cold. It’s lonely. It does not know compassion and it does not forgive. It makes you hollow by stealing the things you know and the people you love. It eats your body and sucks away your memories. It twists time so that everything you care about is gone and you live on. The bits of humanity that you do brush against are usually looking to strip you of anything you have left, including your life.

Downsiders have fantasies of adventure, excitement, and life eternal in space. It’s all bunk. A ridiculous dream.

But if you are out there in the Vasty, and you know how to survive, there’s nothing that can compare. You will never give it up. You will grasp whatever reality you can find, take the passing contact, accept that it will become a memory, and go on.

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