Greg Shap’s Journal entry #6

Before the Whooex Union we had happily blundered into other alliances’ star systems all the time; but, since we were Stone Age technology compared to theirs, it hadn’t really mattered. We had an open field out toward the Crab Nebula, so we weren’t trying to move into anyone’s space. Once we joined the Whooex, the rules changed. We were made aware of where the lines were drawn around Human space. That was fine: we got along with our neighbors—most likely because they were all more powerful than we were. They tolerated us and we developed some strong alliances. There were two places in the Whooex we were not allowed, however: the Moneyworld and the Endar Primacy. The reason was linked. First, the Endar inexplicably hated humans, and second, they had a vote that kept us out of the ancient bastion of Whooex Union commerce, the Moneyworld.

No one knows why the Endar—and it is “Endar”, because to the Primacy “all things are Endar”—hate us. If our membership in the Whooex had required a one hundred percent approval vote by its members, we would never have gotten in.

The Endar would have blocked us.

Don’t get me wrong; we aren’t missing out on any big social events because of their dislike. The Endar are not anyone’s favorite species, but they have been around the Whooex Union a long time (they are one of the three original member Star Associations), and they have a vote, which Earth Alliance does not. So, Humans, along with telepaths, are banned on the Moneyworld.

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