Greg Shap's Journal entry #11


Every planet, station, platform, or flotsam island in EA space has a Spacertown. That’s all they’re ever called. The management wants to ensure that when we skinny, gravity-sensitive, hairless—from the depilatories we use to keep our hair from clogging our ship filters—Human misfits vent from our ships, we can find the place as quickly as possible. It’s always on the worst piece of property available, usually along the edge of the station ring out near where the ships nose in and the racket of loading and unloading never stops, or, on world, where ships landing and taking off roar endlessly and their drives light up everything day and night. The places are crime riddled, rundown, cold or boiling hot, and the utilities—and the security—are intermittent to non-existent.

In the locations where the law does get actively involved the places get an additional name added to the front for clarity in the court system. Then it’s Mandragala Spacertown, or Pele’ Spacertown. They are no different from Zephyr Isles Spacertown to Vacca Spacertown except, maybe, for size. The nightlife, bars, sex trade, drugs, crime, and general lowlifes are conveniently located near their patrons, and the patrons are conveniently isolated from the decent folk who have the permanent addresses, though sometimes those decent folks want to cross over the line—get a little dirty for the thrill of it—before they slip back inside their secured zones. There’s a lot of dirty in Spacertown. It makes money.

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