Greg Shap’s Journal entry #7

Humans try to put a face on the snarling maw of darkness that is space. They try to tame it. It’s too big for that. Once you wander away from the safety of the herd, the wolves slink in. Then there is only one law in space; kill or be killed. Learn who your friends […]

Greg Shap’s Journal entry #5

When Humans finally met aliens we didn’t encounter just one species. We met a whole Union of Stars. And it wasn’t our dazzling charm that drew them to us: it was our mode of space travel. In the mid-twenty-first century, we found a crashed alien ship on one of Saturn’s moons and the real Human […]

Long Time Gone…

Hello. It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. I’ve been busy writing a science fiction thriller and I’m currently deep into the second draft. Things look good, but it is hard work. Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot of useful information for this novel from a site called the Story Grid Podcast. I […]

Robert Beatty, writer

Just got back from the library, where I heard Robert Beatty, author of the YA Serafina series speak. What fun! Writer from a young age, Mr Beatty developed his own software company before his two young daughters drew him into writing YA fiction. I think the young readers of America are very happy that happened. […]