Another little piece of Taking the Stars…

She still stood on the weathered stone of the tower heights. She knew that. The star-response only altered her consciousness to make her think she was somewhere else. What did that matter? Here, at last, was the answer to her years of empty prayers. She floated alone in a universe of her own, surrounded by […]

Kaphri discovers the world around her the hard way…

Fog clung to her skin and clothes, condensing and making her damp. The light of autumn dawn seeped weak and cold and she groaned, at last able to regain some semblance of clear consciousness. Water. Kaphri rolled weakly onto her belly and cupped her hands to scoop the lake water. She recoiled in sudden, repulsed […]

A clip from my upcoming sci-fi novel, Flashing Dark

Seok’s hand snapped out, catching me by the throat. His long fingers wrapped almost twice around my neck as he lifted me off my feet to stare into my face. “The Vivi Zant Human.” His grip tightened until I felt my heart punching beats inside my chest. My fingers pried at his boney hand as […]

Greg Shap’s Journal entry #8

When I told Saurubi Cerros Syrhas my story, how raiders had attacked my world, killed the adults and took the children as slaves, she looked at me with her great, amber eyes and declared, “Obvious you were not where the Mother Universe intended you to be.” I was shocked. Sickened. Angry with her cold analysis. […]

Greg Shap’s Journal entry #7

Humans try to put a face on the snarling maw of darkness that is space. They try to tame it. It’s too big for that. Once you wander away from the safety of the herd, the wolves slink in. Then there is only one law in space; kill or be killed. Learn who your friends […]