Just a little taste of what I’m working on now…

Hi. I know I’ve been gone for some time and I apologize. I’m trying to finish the fourth book in the Starchild Series and wrapping up all the threads is a major task! But I think I have finally wrestled the beast down. So, I thought I’d just post a bit of the big battle […]

A Snippet From “Taking Control”, Book 2 In the Starchild Series

Keeping in mind that italics are telepathic communication. “You don’t get it, do you? We’ve been as much your prisoners since we captured you in that ravine, as you have been ours. We’ve protected you, fed you, guided you, clothed you. Rescued you! We haven’t had a choice. That’s what’s frustrating. We have no choice. […]

Another little piece of Taking the Stars…

She still stood on the weathered stone of the tower heights. She knew that. The star-response only altered her consciousness to make her think she was somewhere else. What did that matter? Here, at last, was the answer to her years of empty prayers. She floated alone in a universe of her own, surrounded by […]

Kaphri discovers the world around her the hard way…

Fog clung to her skin and clothes, condensing and making her damp. The light of autumn dawn seeped weak and cold and she groaned, at last able to regain some semblance of clear consciousness. Water. Kaphri rolled weakly onto her belly and cupped her hands to scoop the lake water. She recoiled in sudden, repulsed […]

The Starchild Series

I’m getting to release the Starchild series with new covers (and a bit of a tweak to the content)! Here’s a little taste of the first book. Hope it makes you want more. Stand by for the re-issue! She still stood on the weathered stone of the tower heights. She knew that. The star-response only […]

Flashing Dark is available on Amazon and online at other popular sites.

A dashing female Han Solo and her “Chewy” co-captain meet all the aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy in this exhilarating space adventure. I’m thrilled to see my science fiction adventure, about a female space captain and her Tabisee partner, finagled into a dangerous mission by some dubious aliens, is getting very good reviews. https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/flashing-dark

I have a story in me that has been nibbling away at my time for several years. I think I have to give in and tell it…

Surrendering to the Inevitable… Saura was plastered to the view port, staring into an area of space that appeared to be empty of stars. Her ears were forward, almost quivering, and her eyes held a distant look. “Do you want to do this?” Deep diving the vasty, guiding a ship through space without maps of […]

A clip from my upcoming sci-fi novel, Flashing Dark

Seok’s hand snapped out, catching me by the throat. His long fingers wrapped almost twice around my neck as he lifted me off my feet to stare into my face. “The Vivi Zant Human.” His grip tightened until I felt my heart punching beats inside my chest. My fingers pried at his boney hand as […]