Greg Shap’s Journal entry #4

Do I mind dark, tight places? No. I’m from a small ship and that description covers at least seventy-five percent of my environments. The other quarter is endless horizons, like the dockring on a station or the Deep Dark. Given a few minutes to adjust, I can hack the shift between the two. That’s not to say it’s always easy. But there are people who suffer greater limitations with horizon and perspective. Crews that spend their time on a large carrier, commercial or military, get used to a steady, medium zone of perspective that is harder to break.

On stations, the people from small ships have a reputation for bad behavior, but it’s really the ones from the larger carriers, hopped up on drugs to control their vertigo and nausea in a protracted and shifting visual environment, that usually create the problems. It’s just easier for management to blame one or two people than it is to blame one hundred.

Shit always flows away from the money.

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