Just a little taste of what I’m working on now…

Hi. I know I’ve been gone for some time and I apologize. I’m trying to finish the fourth book in the Starchild Series and wrapping up all the threads is a major task! But I think I have finally wrestled the beast down. So, I thought I’d just post a bit of the big battle scene (maybe as a reward for myself). These are some of the warriors who have backed Kaphri through most of the books. She’s tied up in a major way and they are trying to rescue one of their own before things fall apart, the being who is controlling the beast abandons that control, and the antagonist’s forces all come clashing in…

Seuliac paused, back pressed to the wall in the darkness, and drew a deep breath.

This was a fool’s errand! Rhynog needed him far more than Kitahn. They were enemies for Kep’s sake! The fate of their world depended on the Ly Kai girl and this would all come out to the same end, regardless of whether Frax Kitahn lived or died. They should be securing her a way out, instead of making this rash rescue.

Tobin had stopped walking a step or two ahead. Maybe thinking the same thing? Neither of them could be faulted for their doubts in the face of death.

But this was not just death. It was a warrior’s death for the highest cause—defending their people—and no Geffitz could ask for more.

He clenched his teeth, took another breath, and shoved Tobin’s shoulder roughly.

They moved on.

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