Update on the 3rd book in the Starchild Series!

Hi, everyone. Just wanted to let you know the third book in the Starchild Series, Taking the World will be releasing around Sept 28! AND, to give you a little teaser! Hope you enjoy.

Three pairs of eyes locked on him.

Uri, Kitahn and the girl. Velacy, of course, was frowning in confusion. But the other three… Seuliac leaned forward, his eyes riveted on her. “What?

The girl twitched as if he’d stung her. Her eyes flicked to Kitahn for guidance in her reply, and Seuliac cursed. Throughout the afternoon, she’d begun to defer to him, but the commander’s hold on her remained strong in spite of the resentment she harbored toward him. It was going to require more work to break it.

This was not the time to drive the wedge deeper, however. There was something hidden here: something critical.

He looked across the fire at Frax. “You owe us the truth.

Frax, obviously, did not disagree. “Tell him, Priestess. From the very beginning. Why you fled the northern tower.

A rush of triumph ran through Seuliac. At last, the truth was coming out!

Over the next hour, the warlord’s sense of triumph stiffened to dismay, then to disbelief.

Frax watched warily as the girl came to the end of her narrative. Seuliac knew the commander had a hand on his knife, ready to use it at the slightest hostile reaction. It did not diminish his outrage.

“You knew what she was—how she fit into all of this—and you kept it from us. You bound us to an oath without telling us the full truth of it!”

“You weren’t ready to hear the truth,” Frax answered. “You would’ve had one solution.”

Kill her. Even now, at first glance, it seemed the most reasonable thing to do. Yet, his gut instinct told him Kitahn was right. Even if he chose to ignore the words of the Guardian—and he couldn’t do that any more than the Kitahni Geffitz had—it was clear they had no other option if they wanted to reclaim the south.

For the first time since their encounter at the barrier, Seuliac felt the full weight of the forces behind their situation. He stared into the fire, frowning.

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